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Installation of the software is fairly straightforward.

All of the necessary source files are contained in a massive ZIP file.

"Modena Cam is a state-of-art engineered software that allows you to quickly launch a full-featured adult-oriented chat and video cam site using Flash Media Server to deliver high-definition video and audio.

" - Ahmad Permessur, Editor - Hot Modena Cam is a full-featured turnkey solution for creating an adult (or non-adult) chat and live cam website.

The purchase price is 90, which includes the Flash Media Server (FMS) and web hosting (4GB space/150GB traffic per month) for a three-month period.

After that, you can either move to your own hosting (Modena Cam will install, configure and test FMS on your server) or continue hosting on a monthly basis with one of three different packages (-9/month depending upon traffic).

Flash video streaming sites support a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

General support is available M-F from 9 am to 6 pm GMT 2.

A rating and review system is moderated by the admin.

Overall, Modena Cam will fit your needs if you are looking for an affordable website product designed for the live video adult entertainment market.

Critical bug fixes are guaranteed a 24-hour turnaround.

A hosted demo site allows account creation, video recording and broadcast while a free trial is also available, with the option of using Modena Cam’s FMS to accurately test video functionality and quality.

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