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But these questionnaires are often long and tiresome and can result in people giving inaccurate of brief answers to get through the initial sign-up stages.In fact, there are as many 400 questions asked by dating website e Harmony to calculate and determine their users’ matches.The information usually gathered from extensive questionnaires can instead be found out in a matter of seconds by analysing a user’s entire online existence.This not only offers users a more streamlined customer experience, but also provides businesses with more detailed and real-time insight into the interests and lives of the individuals using their service.There’s no hiding from the fact that we live in a digital world.

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Many of the active users on social media, especially Facebook are likely to have created their profiles years ago and so posts or pages they liked or were once interested in, will most likely be inaccurate.Tinder offers an extremely user-friendly platform that has become very popular very quickly thanks to its fast and convenient design.And although Tinder has proven successful for a lot of couples who were looking for love, this platform is based primarily on attraction rather than personality traits and long-term compatibility.Time, or the lack of it, has massively contributed towards the rising popularity of online dating.With people leading busier lives, the ability to browse profiles when they’re on the go perfectly complements the packed schedules of today’s singletons.

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